Tried to post from my mobile, but it lost the post. Tried to post a summary from my mobile, but that died too. So here’s the short, short version:

Just witnessed frustrating argument. Not least because I felt ‘banned’ from it. That may be for the best, because if I’d have participated I think Claire would have felt persecuted… all participants were getting rather defensive before I left, which wasn’t helping any of them.

Despite a couple of (probably accidental) attempts to backstab, Andy earned himself a respect point tonight.

Lots of points that shouldn’t have been overlooked, but were, but I’m not typing them again.

Fuck it.

Curry With Alec And Suz

Alec and Suz are visiting Aberystwyth at the moment, in a hunt for a place to live next year and possibly over the summer too. Suz has a final year to go in her degree (having spent this academic year, and the next few months, traipsing around Europe as part of her course), and Alec is hoping to be accepted onto a UWA PGCE course, giving him an excuse to come back after his year-or-so of absence. In the long run, almost everybody comes back to AberWorld, it seems.

So, Alec and Suz joined Claire, Andy, Sian, JTA, Ruth and I in curry at Cafe All Spice and drinks at The Cambrian (where we were also joined by Katie and a friend of Suz’s, Jo). Finally, we retired to the flat to watch 40s public information films, including:

  • Molly Grows Up“It’s okay to swim, so long as you don’t do it on the first few days of your period, and if you wash your hair you must dry it promptly to avoid catching a chill. But strenous activities like horse riding and square dancing are to be avoided.”
  • Easy Does It“In this sped-up film, it’s easy to see that the little woman walks over four miles every day… from sink to refrigerator to dining table…”
  • Perversion For Profit“Psychologists believe that exposure to this kind of pornography…” [demonstrates] “…by even normal men… can turn them into homosexuals.”

Alec & Suz are crashing at the Flat these few days.

In other news, Andy K is pissed off and nobody knows why, Paul & co’s Birmingham Egg experiment is mentioned on Viking FM yesterday morning.