All The Fun Of Aberystwyth

Aber‘s great this time of year – late enough that the weather becomes favourable, but early enough that the tourists haven’t arrived. Alec came down the day before yesterday for an interview for the PGCE course he wants to get onto, which was cool, ‘cos I haven’t seen him in a long while, and we barbequed some burgers and sausages on the beach.

Claire and I are off to Preston this afternoon: sadly my gran’s not well and can’t make it there, too, but it’ll be nice to see my family regardless… not to mention the new puppies. As usual, both my dad and Claire’s dad have got various technical things they need fixing while I’m visiting each of them; joy. You’d think going to see my folks might be a break from work, but never mind…

Quote of the day from Alex @ work: “This is Software Engineering…. it’s not… real life!”