Completed Half-Life 2

(don’t worry – no spoilers) Well – I’ve finished Half-Life 2. I must say, it just got more and more stunning. The weapon you’re left using for the last two chapters is simply wonderful (think: gravity gun v2.0). The finish is… simply stunning, and suddenly the G-Man seems even more mysterious than ever… it’s just… wow.

There’s this empty space I need to fill with Half-Life 3.

The downside: it was too short – I was hoping for about another three hours of ‘gametime’ from it. Plus, there are things I’d have liked to have seen but didn’t (monsters I saw but never got to fight, mysteries left unanswered [including most of the ones from the prequel], etc.), and I found the final fights a little too easy (although I have the option to just replay any chapter at any difficulty level, so I can crank it up to Hard and try again). That, and, I feel a major lack of closure – despite a very deliberate ‘build-up’, that game ended in a way that felt quite abrupt and ‘unfinished’ (perhaps the last challenge was a little obvious to me, or something).

In any case – it’s well worth playing, and pretty much anyone I know is welcome to play through it on Duality, if they so wish. Now I’m going to go browse the forums for easter eggs and tips about what’s coming in Half-Life 3.