Tigris And Orkney

A somewhat low-key Geek Night last night: just a game of Munchkin and a game of the stunning Tigris & Euphrates. Matt won the Munchkin battle, with a cleverly executed win against a monster while he was at level 8, which we let him get away with (the other three of us were level 9’s) but we forgot that he was an orc and therefore able to claim an extra level by beating a monster sufficiently well. Bastard.

I won Tigris, in a very close finish – joint with Claire with eight points… so we went to the second (of four) categories (a ‘tie-breaker’)… on which wee were also joint with eight points… so we went to the third category, on which she also had eight points but I had nine. Bryn came third, with Andy coming in last, with just four points in his weakest category, Religion. I’d thought throughout the game that he was doing better than that, and it came as a surprise to me to see that I’d beaten him. I’m good at the strategy of the game, but I’m not so good at estimating other player’s scores.

Received two items of post from the Orkney isles this morning. The first was a postcard from Kit, including a picture of a blockade built by German POWs in the second world war, who were told that it was for people to drive across. The other was a letter from Kit and Fiona thanking us for our wedding present and our attendance at their wedding last week. The latter was addressed to “Troma Night”, so I’ll try to remember to read it out to everybody on Saturday.

Back at work – today’s bug only seems to occur on Mondays. Better get coding…