64-Bit Columbine

Toy… Phill from work has gotten himself a sweet new AMD64 processor; I went round to help him install it after he thought he’d broken it during assembly (turns out he’d missed a power lead and hadn’t fully locked the processor into it’s socket). Jeez; those 64-bit processors have a heap of pins (as one might expect). Runs pretty cool, though.

Claire, Paul, Bryn, and I watched Bowling For Columbine yesterday evening. Most of us’d seen it before, but it’s worth a second look. We came to the eventual conclusion that Michael Moore‘s films are all about the shock value, and that his books carry a far more meaningful (and less biased) examination of the topics… and that this choice was made because to get through to the “stereotypical American white male”, he feels that you need to shock them with a film. Would his books get to the people who he felt needed them without the films to ‘get the foot in the door’.

Gonna be a long week at work.