At long last, after many nights (and days) slog, my dissertation is done. Enormous thanks to everybody who provided feedback to the developmental copies (don’t make any more comments now, ‘cos I’ve “gone gold” with it). Tomorrow I hand it in and I’m rid of it forever, yay!!!

I’m actually not as happy with it as I’d like to be. There’s so much more that I wanted to do with it. But I’m over the word limit already and pruning out old stuff and shortening sentences is such hard work, and I don’t think I actually have time.

Still: I bet I’m the only person who submits their project on two CDs<grins> If only size were everything.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’ve been an unbearable cunt over the last few days (mostly to Claire); a result of the heaps of stress at this work I’ve had to do (alongside everything else… as usual). I’m not usually one to let stress get to me, but there I was, snappy and irritable. Much apologies and backrubs owed, methinks.

But hey. It’s done.