Student Skills Competition – Dress Rehersals

Fun in the sun. Today I get to sit at the back of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre and shout “Speak Up!” at random second year students from 13 different departments, interspersed with periods of tech-talk about what can and can’t be done with a data projector, laptop, VHS cassette player, a pre-set configuration of stage lights, and a sound deck.

The actual Student Skills Competition is on Wednesday. Why not check when your department is being represented and come along to support your team? It’s always a giggle.

The Computer Science team last year sucked. The year before they sucked even worse. The year before that was my year, and we rocked – and won £500 for Best Presentation. I know a little about the Computer Science team this year [photo], but will they suck or rock?

Taking all bets.