Why Do I Work At This Place?

I’m too good for this place or the money I get. Here I am, working on a Sunday to fix a handful of bugs that my co-workers couldn’t cope with (admittedly, the first of these [which I’ve just fixed] is a killer), but hey – I’m running several hours ahead of myself and it’s not even midday yet.

My mum’s visiting with her b/f and the dog, and I’d like to get home sometime soon, so I’m hacking at full pelt to get this code sorted. At current rates, I might be able to be finished by 2pm. Yay.

I’ve got the Goo Goo Dolls on full blast. Fucking marvelous. The sheep in the fields nearest the office jumped when I put it on. It’s proper ear-drum-splitting rock!

I’m still insanely busy, but it doesn’t matter because today I feel like God.

Rock on.