Only When I Sleep

I remember fragments of a dream from last night:

I was back with Reb (the ex- I complain about); we were living together in a place in Aber. But I was secretly plotting to kill her so that I could escape with a pretty female train ticket inspector (entirely a figment of my imagination), who’s name I forget – could have been Louise. I remember a little a rather complicated scene in which Reb and I found ourselves on her train, and the plan nearly come out.

In any case: as far as I remember I woke up without having managed to murder Reb. More’s the pity.

Troma Night

[this post was damaged during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004, and it has not been possible to recover it]

[this post was partially recovered on 12 October 2018]

Troma Night last night was a success, as was the Troma Night WebCam (Alpha Test), through which Paul could participate, despite his unfortunate absence.

We watched three Studio Ghibli flicks – Spirited Away (hadn’t seen this before: really quite impressive, but not quite a Totoro-beater), Tonari no Totoro itself, and Princess Mononoke. Everybody and his dog brought beer, so we all got pleasantly sloshed; the pizza was great, we still have mountains of Pringles (mmm… revision food), and altogether the night was just fab.

Ruth brought her boyfriend: GBH, or TNT, or something like that. I’m pretty sure we called him every three letter acronym under the sun during the course of the evening. He’s now the third Troma Night Partner to be brought along: let’s see if he ever comes back (none of the others – Kit’s …