Final Troma Night Of The Year

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And a good Troma Night it was, too. The usual people came – surprising how few of them had gone back to their families for Christmas, yet – although Liz didn’t bring Tom, and, as we decided last week, this undoubtedly spells the end for their relationship. Maybe Troma Nighters should only date other Troma Nighters. Perhaps we should fix Liz up with Bryn (I would suggest Adam, but based on a conversation I had with Liz on Tuesday night, I don’t think that ‘Strokey’ Adam could handle her).

Totoro was fantastic, as ever. We also watched Pitch Black, which was cool for a virtually unheard-of Hollywood title, followed by another of Miyazaki’s fantastic animated films – this time one I hadn’t seen (but had wanted to),… [the rest of this post is lost]

Last Troma of 2003

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Kit wrote:

TromaNight rolls to a close in 2003 with three excellent offerings. Tonari no Totoro, Pitch Black and Kiki Delivery Service. The first and last were excellent. Pitch Black was a good middle film without doubt – but perhaps easier to forget because the other two were so charming.

The music in Kiki is really rather special. It was a joy to watch and listen to – and the cat! The cat (played by Phil Hartman, of Simpsons fame (Troy Maclure and Lionel Hutz)) was a joy to watch. Very *very* catlike in behaviour and commentary…

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