Edge of darkness

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This repost was published in hindsight, on 22 March 2019.

Kit wrote:

A day of energy and focus. Paul and I hacking through stuff, fixing, tweaking, making work, prodding, pushing.

Its a slick operation. Paul and I discuss bugs and problems, mark them up on a whiteboard on the wall (installed for the purpose) and clear off fixed issues. Dan chews through problems in staccato style – a quick hit and run raid on a bad patch of bugs, followed by some Civilisation 3.

I spent much of the early part of the day creating new icons for the help section and improving some others. Later on Paul replaced me at the terminal – weaving together a gossamer of information into a cohesive and structured explanation of how the system works.

Bryn closes hostilities with a QA roundup. Vigorous and detailed, he pulled out anything he found that was out of place or untidy in the help system and listed it for change.

So its morning. We’re a touch behind schedule – but quality of the product is all. We are determined to fix the “showstoppers” (big bugs) and make a good dent in anything silly outstanding before we declare it released. I can see that taking a few more days.

Paul and I were left discussing its worth in our currently debris-strewn living room. What does this project actually mean? It means a lot – to me, to Dan, to everyone involved. Most of all its yet more proof of the magic that is Aberystwyth.

At the edge of darkness, all that is left is tomorrow.