Dating Agency Stupidity

I saw this dating site today (don’t ask how I came across that in my daily webtrawl)… the page in question has two major flaws:

1. Why would a dating company offer a “lifetime membership”? If they were truly any good at what they did – i.e. matchmaking – then shouldn’t you not-need to be a member for very long before you find Mr./Miss. Right and sail away into the sunset? Surely the best dating agencies don’t need to offer memberships that cover more than one date, because they’re that good at matching people up?
2. I don’t think they meant for their legal agreement (see for yourself) to read “TERMS AGREEMENT GOES HERE”. Whooops!

Anyway, it made me smile. And my headache’s almost better now. Shame I’ve got almost no work done today.


It’s contagious! I have a dull ache in my head and a mild nausea.

<fights on>

How Am I Supposed To Feel?

After my stressy-rant the other day, Claire, Kit and Paul started tidying up Claire and my flat. My suspicions – that they were doing this to try to make my life a little less stressful – were confirmed by Claire one evening.

They mean well, but I can’t help but feel that instead of having lots of things to do and little motivation, I now have somewhat fewer things to do and little motivation. I’m not sure whether that’s an improvement or not. I guess it is. More prominently, for awhile I felt guilty: like by my blog entry I’d, like, emotionally blackmailed them into doing it. I mean: tidying my flat? I don’t know.

Claire’s not feeling well and has taken an early night, but I can’t sleep again.

I do feel a lot better though. I guess my friends’ efforts really have helped. It makes me happy to have friends who care. It makes the corners of my eyes twitch and my stomach try to swallow my heart, all by themselves. I guess this is what friends are for.

I’m going to check if Claire’s asleep and take her some more painkillers if she’s not. Then I think I’ll take a walk, then try to get some sleep.

To friendship.