Secret Project

The boys behind have got something new up their sleeves… it’ll be coming soon, and you can expect to see it mentioned here a lot. For information, e-mail

More Balloons

Dan decides that it would be a good idea to fill a train carriage with balloons and then stick them to the ceiling of the carriage using static.

Easter In London

I’m back in London again, this Easter. Expect a whole load of people to get told about, one way or another. Censorship Lifted

After a bit of a battle between Information Services at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and I, resulting in the semipermanent blocking of the Unversity’s right to see, and the temporary blocking of (Woohoo! I’m officially censored by the University), access to the site from the University’s network is now re-opened. Thanks to everybody who gave me the support I needed to go and tell them where to shove it…