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The following posts appeared on DanQ.me during the week commencing Monday 26 June 2023:

1 July

Local Expert

This week, I spoke to a school group about the history of The Devil's Quoits. Perhaps I should be more-willing to share what I've learned in-general, even in areas where I'm still learning?

30 June


JTA's capability for nostalgia is something I've previously mocked, but now I think about it: I actually really appreciate it.

28 June

[Video] Some Days the School Run is Easy

Today was not one of those days. A sarcastic video rant.

2 July

[Checkin] Dan Q found GC3742 SP9

This checkin to GC3742 SP9 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs. Well this was a challenge! The woods threw off my GPS, but I’d brought a backup device so I averaged between them and found a likely GZ. The dog and I did an increasingly large spiral, checking all the […]

28 June

[Repost] Making a Home of Each Other (The Eggs)

Lucy Bellwood shared the story of how her wife produced a breakfast dish they called The Eggs, and it's the first and only "here's a recipe, but first my life story" article I've ever loved.