Thanks for your thoughts, Paul.

I didn’t actually have any inital fears about openly discussing suicide! I fully embraced the philosophy of the training I was given and realised that it was correct.

The only time I had a problem with it was during the period after I’d discovered that the frequency of suicides can be influenced by the availability of the means, but before I came to the conclusion that discussion of suicide can not be considered to be the same thing. My “loss of faith” period as discussed above.

You’re absolutely right though, of course, to say that suffering is not reduced by the removal of a means of suicide – except to say that for many death can come as a relief to suffering. Talking through suicidal feelings, however, can provide a source of relief, as can feeling supported and “not alone” at your darkest times. That’s what these helplines have realised, and that’s what their service is all about.

Thanks again for commenting.