Yes, you *could* save everyones RSS feed on your home PC, but would you if you had to do it manually?

No, I wouldn’t do it manually. I wrote a program for it. And it’s my work PC, not my home PC. The program is called Dog, and it’s been running for about 6 months. It even keeps copies of “friends only” posts and stuff, and tracks changes to posts. It’s pretty anal, but I like it ‘cos I’m RSS-OCD. It even screen-scrapes stuff that isn’t XML’d (LJ comments, mostly, but a few other interesting bits and pieces like too). Some of the codebase acted as inspiration for abnib 5.

But nonetheless, I do see what you’re saying, however I find it interesting that to you, keeping a post ONLINE forever, but just as a link, is somehow better than keeping a copy of the post as last-seen OFFLINE.

Still, abnib’s a community site and the community aspect of it is important to me – which includes respectful behaviour. I’ll implent something like a 60-day deletion period next week (as much to save space as anything else: it gets big quickly!). I’ve always got Dog if I *really* want to, for example, grep Paul being random all the way back to the year dot.