Pacifist: Yeah, but I’m not sure she’d remember. I hope her memory improves with death, if she’s right about how it all works.

Statto: Yes; I considered this option. However, as will all studies of memory, a reasonable level of sanity needs to be preserved in the data analysis. It’s also possible that I could “guess lucky”. The key shall be, if the oppertunity arises, in trying to determine the likelyhood that I “ever knew” things, weighed against how many things I suddenly discovered that I knew.

For example, if I suddenly found I knew the date her husband died, that wouldn’t be very special, would it: I knew it, once! However, if I were able to consistently recall more complex things (that there was never any expectation that I would know), then that would be worthy of further investigation.

I know that theories on the fate of the universe come and go, and I fully expect that I’m as qualified as Stephen Hawking to take a guess as to where we’re going. And with that in mind, it feels “right” to me that we’ll go “Crunch”.