I just popped back to give some more info about what deed polls the passport office will accept for proof of a name change. The first time I phoned them and the man said that it had to be an “official” deed poll or the passport application would be rejected. He said that a deed poll which had not been witnessed by a solicitor or been issued by the High Court was not a legal document, which I knew not to be true after reading this page.

So then I emailed the passport people asking specifically if this free deed poll template would be accepted, and they said this:

“Deed polls obtained from the Internet can be accepted and an un-enrolled deed poll is acceptable providing the signature of the person changing their name has been witnessed. This does not need to be by a solicitor or commissioner of oaths. An un-enrolled deed poll can only be accepted however if it has been signed in both the new and the old name. If the deed poll is only showing the new signature it will be rejected and a new change of name deed with both signatures requested.”

So I guess it really is this easy to change your name. Also interesting that they seem to suggest that only one witness is needed. Once the new name is on the passport, no-one is going to be difficult I would imagine.