I’m not going to make it to your send off today because I’ve had to stay home with the twins who are suffering with bad teething and possible HFM. Really sad I won’t be able to come and say bye – typical timing for poorly children!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. From my magic trick on my first day in the office I knew working with you would be different. What I didn’t expect was your enteral willingness to demonstrate and teach, your inability to say no to trying things out, your amazingly generous nature, and your fantastic sense of humour, and that mattress story! The Bodleian just won’t be the same place without you. But Automattic will certainly be better off.

I will miss working with you greatly but I hope to see you around Oxford at some point. I’d love to keep up our lunch dates! Hope all goes well with the new job. You’ll be amazing, as always.