Thanks for sharing!

I would push back slightly on your points about addressing—what3words does claim that their system largely solves this problem, when (for the reasons I outline and the extra one you add about not knowing which way down a street your next letter needs to be delivered to!) it really doesn’t.

You’re quite right that there isn’t a universal solution—so what3words shouldn’t claim to be one! But street addresses do much better (10 Downing Street is immune to geological movements, as I say in the video, and can disambiguate floors/doors in the same square, etc), and you can use country-specific grids like the OS National Grid here in the UK that compensate for these movements and remove ambiguity. I don’t think a global GPS-based system, whether it uses numbers or words, is probably the right way to deal with addressing.

I totally agree with your conclusion though. 🙂