Not even possible to get a loan/extend a mortgage to make it happen? You’re about 13° of latitude closer to the equator than I am, which means that you’ll get about an hour and a half more sun at the winter solstice (when you’ll want the electricity, if you’re using it for heating) and an hour and a half less sun at the summer solstice than me.

Even without the subsidies, it will pay for itself eventually. If you can calculate the return on investment and you can find a loan that accrues at less than that, it’s a no-brainer. Again, all depends on roof slope and angle, whether you plan to live there long enough to enjoy all of the benefits, creditworthiness etc., too. But certainly worth thinking about. For me, I paid outright for the panels because I realised that the savings/earnings I’m making on them are higher than the return-on-investment I’d get on the best-available savings accounts (plus I get to feel like I’m saving the planet!).