Thanks, Pete. I’m in Preston a couple of times a year (my mother lives in Holme Slack, and – since I’ve texted her a series of “oh my god this man’s a prophet” messages to her – has been asking what she’s supposed to do to survive the apocalypse), so I might take you up on that next time I’m around. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I’ll be recommending it to folks with a taste for this kind of fiction: I was particularly impressed with the level of thought that went into the effects of the Event – at first, reading it, I was incredulous (e.g. “why are the plants fine, then?”, “why AREN’T the birds?”) but then slowly it dawned on me, just as it dawned on the members of The Age of Reason.

Looking forward to hearing about your next novel! Though I’d also be interested to read about the ongoing challenges of the survivors of Ice & Lemon, too, as civilization begins to come back together in the brave new world at the end of the book, if you were ever inclined to revisit them.

Thanks for the comment.