Hi Dan,
It gave me great joy to read your comments above. I can absolutely assure you that the coincidences are precisely that and no more. I too grew up in Deepdale. If ever you are in Preston again some time I’d be happy to explain the gestation of the novel a little more for you, but the idea came when returning from a family holiday in Seville and the basic premise was created to pass the time as we flew, and was pretty much in line with what happens in the first chapter. I chose the name Dan because a former student of mine is a stand up and that’s his first name and also because it makes a terrible pun with his surname, which was intended as a clue to his level of patter when on stage. Camp Q was chosen because it is the site of a B & Q store. Claire is just a name I like.
Anyway I’m glad if you mostly enjoyed the ride. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. And thanks to your mum for buying the book.

I’m working on a very different novel at the moment. If that has any resonances with you, I may have to change my religion, again.

Best regards,

Pete Hartley.