I am all for you having a vasectomy by the way!

But am board at work…

A vasectomy costs the NHS any were between 350 and 700 pounds depending on your area, in Oxford I would imagine its at the higher end because you probably return to your en-suit room to find your bed turned down and a mint on your pillow… but that’s close to 14 pairs of children’s prescription glasses for benefit reliant families, just as an example, and threes plenty of others, experimental caner drugs allowed so many treatments by regional budget etc. So in reality, even in this tiny way, might you having the snip have more of a negative effect on the world than all your vegetarian efforts?

Also if your doing all this for the grater good shouldn’t you consider other things as unlikely as your veginess making a difference, like plague or genetic disease, natural disasters etc that you may survive and may require breeders? Or Becky finally giving in and deciding she wants your love child?

Also don’t compare your bacon forgoing funk to voting, voting or not contributes to an establish system guaranteed to produce a result on a national scale one way or another, you have no were near enough people on board with this yet!!