My thinking here runs as follows:

1. I’ve always been far more unwavering on my plans not to father children far more-consistently than I have on, for example, my diet.

2. Both my (long-standing) non-breeding and my (newer) vegetarianism represent a push in the same direction; that is, towards attempts to preserve the planet for the benefit of other humans.

3. Even to the extent that I can conceive (haha!) of “changing my mind”, it still doesn’t make sense to me that certainly I’d regret my decision, because it’d still be the case that I could be happy either way. Even if I somehow went beyond that, and did come to regret it… then I can’t imagine that the regret would be significant. And even if it were… I can’t imagine that my views on the nature of parenting would have simultaneously changed to such an extent that (say) adopting wouldn’t be a perfectly good option for me.

In short: this seems like a very safe decision, a long time in the making. I shan’t pretend that having somebody stab me in the crotch isn’t a little scary, though!

Thanks for your support.