I was about to say a lot of this – Dan, you are asking people to live a totally different life than the one they imagined for themselves, the one their parents had, to make a tiny impact. The number of people willing to make this choice are so small that it will have an insignificant effect. Why make yourself unhappy when you know you can’t save anything by doing so? To take the moral high ground?

This is another attempt to make individuals feel and act responsible for global problems. That basically never works. Changing habits forcibly via legislation works (c.f. rainforest protection, recycling). Occasionally, asking a celebrity chef to get behind a cause does something, as with Chicken Out and Fish Fight, but you’re gonna have to work on a good slogan. “Kids – they just get in the way, don’t they?” is my best offering.

In short, you have to do what China tried to do to get anywhere, in combination with a Soylent Retirement Home (thanks, Adam). Most people would be opposed to that level of control from on high, so we’re doomed.