After a few years, you’ll probably find the smell of bacon actually makes you feel quite sick, well I did.

Have you ever heard of Meat Free Mondays that the McCartney group do? They encourage everyone to have one meat free day a week to help pollution and all the other issues you list. I’ve considered having one vegan day a week.

Also, as a random aside, watch out for wine. Its often passed through fish scales, and depending on how far you want to take it, you might decide in the future you want to avoid that too.

Good psot anyway. I have (personal) issues with people being vegetarians because “animals are cute” and would much rather them consider the other implications eating meat has. The one additional one I have (which many don’t) is that I have serious issues with us messing with the food chain. Fair play if we hunted food with a spear and followed the laws of nature (food chain) but we have a serious unfair advantage as humans by being able to farm and kill animals without even giving them a fighting chance.

Anyway, this is your post, not mine. Very interesting post anyway.