Yo Scatman –

Sounds like you’ve written off XHTML2, but you are secretly pulling for XHTML 5, while talking up HTML 5. I think we have to keep the “X” in there, man. Isn’t that what powers much of Web 2.0? You have an interesting view, so you might want to join a thread at WebMaster-Talk.com where 100% of those surveyed are against HTML 5 (so far) and for XHTML 2. See:

My own bottom line? Divide and die. Combine and conquer. Who wants to wrestle with another standard… Microsoft has a hard enough time implementing just one. So I say put the XHTML 2 heads and the HTML 5 heads in one room and let them crunch out ONE standard language. If it turns out to be XHTML 5 — cool. In fact, we could name it “Cool 1.0”.

Yours, Scott