I think you’re all misguided.

… but I’m sure you don’t give a fuck about what I think, so here is your chance to go to another site …

… I think you’re being very idealist, and idealists always end up getting bruised.

I think it is very easy to say that love is not a commodity, but it really is. Love, past the initial mushy stage, is almost entirely a very practical thing. Love is driving around in the rush hour on a Friday evening trying to get to someone, and it’s doing the hoovering and not expecting thanks. Love buying her a chocloate bar when you go to the shops and ordering something different in a restaurant because you know your partner would like to taste some of your dinner. It is a million tiny practical decisions each day. And it’s fucking knackering.

I think it’s almost touching, almost -cute-, how naive you’re being about your relationship. I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself very much at the moment, but when the weight of trying to balance and herd a set of priorities which has grown triple begins to sag onto your shoulders, I think (and I hope) you’ll reconsider, before it kills you and you go from being two (happy?) couples to four individuals walking off in different directions.

I have much more of this in me, some vitriolic, some calm, but I don’t think it’s well placed in a blog comment.