Jon: To the contrary, I do care what you think, particularly when you make valid, well-argued points like this one.

Idealism – Yes, in many ways you’re right. And I’m under no illusions that this is a plain-sailing way to live. It’s already got challenges, and it’ll probably continue to get harder before there’s even a chance it’ll get easier. But I’m not involved in the whole thing out of some quest for idealism but because it’s what I want to do.

Love – I’m quite aware of what love is, and you’re quite right. And yes, it’s difficult, but it’s also rewarding.

Naivety – I think you’re mistaken. I play out that it’s all simple and easy, and blog posts like this – with a tongue-in-cheek look at only the simplest of the challenges involved – don’t change that, but I know first-hand how complicated relationships can be. Particularly relationships that are complicated by construction.

I’m impressed that you’re able to see beyond the facade of rainbows and fluffy stars and things, Jon, to know that there are still real relationship issues that we have to deal with, and that they’re made far more difficult by having extra people involved. But I think you’ve jumped to conclusions by assuming that we *aren’t* aware that those issues are there, or that we’re trying to paper over them and live in the moment.

Anyway: thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it.