Yes, it appeared twice. Sometimes the spam filter on my blog can take a few minutes to decide if a new comment – particularly a long one – is spam or not, and that’s evidently what happened with yours, which is why it didn’t appear immediately. I’ll go back and delete the duplicate when I can be bothered.

I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t mention any names of “who said what” in the context of this post. Sorry.

But hey, it’s good to have your support. And yeah, we make it look easy, and some things about it are easier than people might expect (jealousy has been a very minor inconvenience, for me at least – so much so that even if it weren’t for the additional relationships I’d probably have felt it in a comparable “quantity”)… and some things about it aren’t as easy as we make out (but that’s mostly because nobody likes a man with two hot-bi-babe girlfriends complaining about his relationship problems).

Thanks for your comments. And if you do have any questions, of course, that haven’t been answered, or any comments on the whole thing, I’d love to hear them. There’s a “contact” link at the top of the page.