Don’t think that’s the case, Jon. I’m just a vocal blogger in the first place. After all, Ruth made a blog post all about it weeks ago, and Claire has mentioned it. If you’ve heard nothing from them, you’re not listening hard enough. ;-)

I think the reason you’ll have heard more from me, though, is simply because I’m loudest. I blog lots, I write about what’s going on in my life with reasonable regularity, and I’ve got no problem with “coming out” about things that are, let’s face it, a little controversial. Plus, I know that my blog is pretty central in advertising “what’s going on”: whether it’s who’s-sleeping-with-whom or where next Troma Night will be held.

Finally, I think it’s mostly coincidence. I’ve got another blog post about the quad planned, but it can wait until next year, I think. I expect that if the mood takes them, Claire, Ruth or JTA can be relied upon to say whatever they’re thinking about the whole thing.