Muchos Q-dos.

Do you know if any one else in the UK has a one letter surname?
Even if they have have you considered getting some publicity or even money out of some newspapers or daytime TV show for an interview about it!

Does this mean you will actually be the person who asks all the questions on FAQ pages? ie whenever it says “Q: bla bla bla bla?” they will have had to come to you for the query?

My suggestions for childrens names are: “Barbie Q” or “Bob Ben Q” to give initials “BBQ”.

I suppose an added benefit of your choice is that in an index of surnames, yours will be very easy to find – the first in a short section!

Your car can now also be called a Q-car or if you take some weaponary aboard a Q-ship.

There are some interesting abbreviations for DQ CQ CEQ too.

I’m very impressed guys! Truely inspired.