Heh. I read the (updated) version, saw Q.13 and thought “I know, I’ll leave a comment asking if that question came from Ruth…” still, never mind…

Q, to be fair, is one of the cooler-looking letters, assuming a proper font with serifs. (I know it’s supposed to be backwards, but I find sans serifs are a real pain to read).

Also, re. Q. 4: This one interested me. Because I read it and thought “O, yeah, some people have the same name as their parents”.

I’ve got the same name as one other person, ever, and that’s my sister. It’s really strange to think that some people don’t.

Final Q: You do realise you’ve called yourselves after an abbreviation, don’t you?

And if you adopt/have a child, please can you call it something like Francis Adam?