The other day I was watching a spectacular sunset. The sun hung low in the sky and painted a picture of orange, pink, and red across the wispy clouds, and I found myself thinking, “Wow; that’s absolutely beautiful. How cool is it that we’ve evolved to be able to appreciate that?”
I’m the same with things like that. Again, I think it comes from not being indoctrinated with religion from birth, because you see the splendour in the non-paranormal explanations of things, as you haven’t come up from the carry-cot with the attitude that there’s always something more spectacular than the natural explanation, and that’s the supernatural one.

In the same way, I’ve never found the idea of evolution insulting – I think it’s awesome in the truest sense of the word – but I can imagine how people might think very differently if they’d grown up to expect to see themselves as somehow set apart from the rest of ‘creation’ – or to put it crudely, that their shit doesn’t stink. It’s a shame, because it robs people of the ability to see beauty in reality, instead of having to make it up.

A friend of mine wrote a post in her blog (sorry; she’s protected it, most of you can’t read it)…
I would guess that none of them can – I don’t think we share any online contacts.

And finally, I may yet convert to Mucusism.