Faye (#1 – faerie): Thanks for your comment, there. I know you feel particularly strongly about atheism to the point of stupidity (failing to see the beauty in the world just because you don’t believe in fairy stories).

You’re probably right about us not sharing many contacts; although I have had comments on my blog from your readers before, so it’s not impossible. Plus, it’s also a possibility that present readers of this may become future readers of your blog, if you at any point extend your friends list or even (shock!) un-friends-only some or all of your blog. In any case, I like hyperlinks, because I can follow them. It’s my blog, after all.

Faye (#2 – feebee): Maybe. My post was meant to imply that a secular upbringing better empowers a child to later make it’s own choices. That your choice and my choice were different lends evidence to that.

I’d certainly be interested to see a similar blog post from you. Hell, we could make a meme out of this yet…

Thanks for sharing, both of you.