restlessboy: Yeah, I’ve read a few of Dawkins’ books, including his latest little controversial piece, The God Delusion. It’s good stuff.

restlessboy, Claire: I’m glad you’ve decided to write a similar piece yourself. I was hoping I could make it slightly memetic. Particularly after all the Dawkins references! (if you don’t get that, go read The Selfish Gene)

Fleeble Widget: What feels “right” to you is yours, and none of us can touch that. Particular arguments for god (a personal god, an omnipotent god, an omniscient god, blah blah) we can argue about all day, but we can never tell you you’re wrong for what you feel.

On the other hand, it’d be interesting to hear about how you came to feel that way. If you’re bold enough, please go ahead and write a post of your own. I’d love to hear your thoughts.