Statto said:

Am I being a muppet? What else can you judge someone on but their merits? Are you suggesting anti-merits (ie flaws) don’t count?

No, because those could very easily be defined as their merits (or lack thereof). This statement, I feel, looks at whether it’s okay to ever judge people based on, for example, thier history, thier situation, thier skin colour, race, sexuality, or religion, thier age, etc. Whether we agree with the statement or not, we’ve all almost certainly acted as if we disagreed with it at some time or other. The statement challenges whether or not we feel such actions are ever justified.

Becky said:

i really badly wanted to check both true and false

I think that’s quite deliberate; the survey attempts to polarise your viewpoints in orer to set them against one another, so it’s inevitable that it sometimes feels like it’s taking extremes. Most of the questions, in my experience, were well-worded enough for that not to be problematic, using words like “never” and “always” which work well to bring out the extreme opinions in test-takers. Your milage may vary.

In general: I’m glad that people are seeing this the right way – not as some kind of test (who can score the least/most) but as an interesting psychological/philosophical pointer to help examine the kinds of questions you may need to ask (or may already have done) about your own beliefs.