I know what you mean.

With regards to the jokes you find funny: try re-working the joke. Change the order of the words, or the build-up, entirely. If it still isn’t working for you I’d suggest cutting the joke, because what is a comedian who doesn’t tell funny jokes? I love my idea of a new label for cigarettes; “Smoking may enhance the taste of your bacon and kippers” but nobody else does and that pisses me off. I’ve made me laugh, I’m the one up here performing ergo you must laugh!

On the re-use of material it has to be up to you. Play it by ear. If you don’t recognise the audience or if you happen to be in the neighbourhood of one of your ‘older’ jokes then use it. I always play it by ear but then…

People will keep trying to help you because you’re doing stand-up comedy. Since everyone is funny at some point some people get the impression that they are an authroity on it. Some people are writers who want you to perform their material. Others are making conversation. What I always found frustrating was that somebody would tell me something that didn’t fit my style and I’d have to smile and nod. I imagine with an absurdist route you’ll be doing that a lot.

Finally, as I’m sure you know, the absurdist route can be a great one for one-liners. You mis-pronounce soemthing and then turn it into a joke or you just randomly stop in the middle of a set to throw in a one-liner.

All the best.

Have faith.