Judging by the size of your notebook – yes. I find things always take longer than I think they will.

None of it. Admittedly, you’re no professional, and i’m sure nobody expects you to be original *and* funny all the time, but having seen the amount of stuff you’ve churned out, I’d be quite disappointed if I came along and you were reverting to stuff we’ve laughed at before.
Actually, if there was a particular thing and you can work one hell of a callback, that’s ok to repeat.

Yes. See: birthdays and running jokes. I love them! Oh, and some of the other stuff makes me giggle as well.

I keep “trying to help you” because I want to steal your reject jokes, and to palm off all my tasteless ones on to you to make funny. :P

One other thing – I tried out some of my jokes on my dad, and he didn’t laugh much. But as he said – people are more inclined to laugh when they’re in large groups. I wouldn’t worry if drunken pub people haven’t been overly responsive, they’re a) drunken, b) in a pub, not a comedy night, and c) drunken.

I like absurdity. I like laughing. You’ll kick ass. I’ll buy you a drink afterwards. :)