That is possibly one of the most confusing events ever to have occured in the history of December 2006!

The MOST likely thing to have happened, I my opinion, is that the child-braveidiot got home and brother-braveidiot took one look at the goods shook his head and said,
“Son,” Because he was also his son apparently, don’t ask me, this is the actual way it happened, “You have got there in your grubby little mits the property of SCATMAN DAN.” Then there would have been significant gasping…even from the brotherdad-braveidiot as the mere mention of the name inspires awe so I’m told “He’s going to want that back. I think you should return it…and in broad daylight, for that is the way of the braveidiot.” And then the matter would be settled.
“Ok brotherdad. We wouldn’t want to bring about the significant e-mail bombing and internet hate campaign that SCATMAN DAN would surely instigate if and when he found out.”

And that’s the story of the stolen DS.