I think you missed an essential point about that conversation we had with your gran and how she could ‘prove’ her on-going existence after death. It’s not enough that she commmunicates something with you that YOU don’t know already. For me, it actually has to be something that NO-ONE knows already (which is much harder of course). That’s because you can’t be sure the information relayed to you didn’t come from another persons mind, or from your gran before she died (a resonance of a living thought if you will). I’ve no doubt communications between the minds of living things works because I’ve got first hand experience of it…. what I doubt is that a dead person continues to have the capacity to relay such communications (and that’s because cos no-one’s met my proof-positive evidence yet, not because I don’t ‘believe’). For me, therefore, convincing evidence would have to include the relaying of some information that(a)was impossible for the dead person to have known BEFORE they died and (b) impossible for anyone else presently living [including you] to know and (c) verifyable. It’s a hard one but not impossible. I don’t think your gran grasped the concept of what I wanted her to find out and relay….. and if she had she probably wouldn’t have agreed…. because for her I think it was about believing (and getting others to believe)… not ‘proving’ in a scientific sense.