Interestingly (I use the word broadly) games produced by Blizzard such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo had almost infinite value for money as technically you could install and run the game on as many machines as you wanted and use only one CD. They called it a spawn install and it allowed access only to multiplayer mode. I wish they’d kept it up but sadly they turned a bit defensive with the release of Warcraft 3.
Aaanyway, I must agree that copy protection has gone a bit psycho.
I’ve been having a beef with Windows (surprise) because despite the fact that you might own one copy of windows you can’t legally put it on more than one computer, even if it’s in the same room and the only person using it is you. Technically there is good value for usage in it but the inflexibility of it just gets right on my nerves.
Linux – now there is truely unbeatable value for money.

Although neither of those last two things are technically entertainment I think my point stands.