Got to agree with Hayley – I’m not going to install another widget engine when I already have Dashboard installed. There are some differences, too – Dashboard widgets live on their own layer ‘above’ the normal desktop. This means that they’re out of the way until I need them. Konfabulator^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H, sorry, Yahoo widgets are persistent on the desktop in OSX, and they don’t play nicely with Expose (i.e, they expose their nature as ‘applications’ and hence appear as a task to switch to, rather than being desktop agumentation). I think the Dashboard behaviour is more sane. I’d rather keep apps (which I interact with), and widgets (which I usually just read) seperate.

I know that Dashboard widgets are a nice combination of XML and Javascript (or some scripting ‘ting, anyway), are Konfabulator widget? This file seems to have been compiled at some point. Assuming they’re both based on an XML/(insert some markup based language here) or whatever, could you use XSLT to kind of cross compile for both engines? It’s late, so I’m probably wrong.