Instant Messengers

I can be found on a variety of instant messenger services:

  • Google Talk (XMPP) – on either my old address, or my address, or any of several other addresses. Or click the “Chat to Dan” link in the footer of my blog. Almost always online.
  • MSN Messenger – Often online.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – avapoet. Often online.
  • ICQ/AIM – 113207058. Often online.
  • IRC – ava on Freenode. Often online. DanQ on Oxford University IRC. Generally online during work hours.
  • OkCupid Messenger – avapoet. Sometimes online.
  • LiveJournal Messenger – scatmania. Sometimes online.
  • Steam - avapoet. Sometimes online
  • Skype - avapoet. Rarely online.

Speak to you online soon!